Second day of Chinese New Year: Sentosa Flowers!

Anya and I went to Sentosa with my aunt on the second day of CNY to look at flowers. She got to Vivocity before us and was quite taken aback by the number of people taking the Sentosa Express so we decided to walk over on the new Sentosa Boardwalk instead. We didn’t have to walk very much since there are travellators that lead all the way to Sentosa. Entrance to Sentosa was by EZLink card so it was quite convenient (except that my NETS FlashPay was not considered an EZLink card).

It wasn’t too crowded when we got there but by the time we were ready to leave, it was pretty packed. And it was HOT! When we took the Sentosa Express back to Vivocity, there were HORDES of people waiting to take the Sentosa Express into Sentosa and many more coming up on the escalator! So scary! I’m glad we went there early!

we are very lazy

random dancing on the boardwalk

scary rabbit

jelly beans

rabbit family

cabbage!! there were carrots and tomatoes too!

see how crowded it was!

giant tulips

melted toddler hugging pillar

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