Daily Archives: February 9, 2011

Fourth day of Chinese New Year!

Ok, one more CNY post! On the fourth day, we popped down to town for lunch and then over to Adrian’s friend’s place to watch lion dance. Anya didn’t like it one bit. She hung on very tightly to Adrian and then decided to cling to me and drag me further inside the house. But afterwards, she couldn’t stop talking about the lion dance and about the noise the lion was making and how she had to hide from the lion with mummy. Since she’s really not very eloquent, it was actually something like this: “Lion… ROAR!… Scared!… Hide… Mummy…” Such a funny baby.

at nydc

dictating how she wants her dessert served

waiting for the lion

“Roar! I’m here to scare small children!”

very miserable baby