Daily Archives: February 13, 2011

Tanglin Tree + Friven & Co. + Swiss Butchery

We went to The Tanglin Tree at the Friven & Co. building for breakfast yesterday. I dragged the husband and Anya there because my friend told me that Friven has Hi-5 merchandise and I wanted to see if they had any party supplies that we could potentially use for Anya’s 2nd birthday. We had a good breakfast and lots of fun at the playground on the ground floor, went up to Friven on the 2nd floor and finished off with a stop at the Swiss Butchery on the 1st floor. Quite a fruitful trip even though we didn’t manage to get any Hi-5 party stuff!

yum yum yum

little slide

flying fox thingy

up the stairs…

…down the slide

a dig in the sand


getting pork chops for dinner