Daily Archives: February 23, 2011

Old 阿祖 butterfly!

Juan passed me this book on ‘Opposites’ for Anya to read. She said that Sam really liked the book when he was about Anya’s age. It’s lots of fun reading the book with Anya cos she’s very eager to fill in the blanks. If I go, “These flowers are…”, she shouts “BIG!!” and when I go, “And these flowers are…”, she goes “Small!”. When we read about the hornet flying around the garden very fast, she talks about ‘flying’ at the playground with her daddy. And then there’s this page:

I think the old butterfly looks a lot like my grandmother, Anya’s 阿祖. So we named the young butterflies after the various great-grandchildren (Anya & her cousins Asher, Aidan, Heather & Ellery). Whenever we come to this page, Anya shouts, “阿祖!!!” Wahaha!! :)