Daily Archives: March 2, 2011

Playground at IMM

One of the best things about going back to teaching is that on a few afternoons (if there’s no urgent marking to clear or lessons to prepare), I can leave right after lessons and spend some quality time with my little one. Today, I got to my mum’s place about 3pm, napped with Anya for an hour and then the two of us made our way to IMM.

We walked around, visited every single coin-operated ride we could find (didn’t put in any coins though!), bought a whole bunch of stuff from Cotton On Kids and went to the play area. There are three playgrounds in the outdoor play area: a normal dry playground, a wet playground and a playground with a 7m tall slide and ridiculous giant fruits. She had lots of fun and I was just happy that she was happy! :)

the wet playground

super high slide in a treehouse

very random giant fruits (and carrot)

the normal playground

she likes sliding down on her front sometimes…