Daily Archives: March 7, 2011

Anya Turns 2! (Part 1)

Anya’s birthday is on Wednesday so we threw a party for her last Saturday with some of our friends and their kids. Everything went smoothly: the cakes were ready when we went to collect them in the morning, the balloons arrived early which was a big relief because I’d heard not-so-great reviews about the vendor and the caterers were on time too! We’d booked the function room in our condo and brought a whole bunch of Anya’s toys down. I think the kids really had fun playing together and we had a good time. :) Vonnie took photos for me so I didn’t even have to worry about doing that!

goody bags


snacks for the kids

fun with the bubble machine

the mini Hello Kitty cakes

blowing out the candles

family photo

cousins and kids

bible study friends and kids

the gang + rence

hall people + simon

time to eat cake!!