Daily Archives: March 9, 2011

Reflections for Anya’s Twenty-Fourth Month

You are 2 years old today! Happy birthday, my little one! What an exciting 2 years it has been for all of us! In this last month alone, you have grown and changed so much!

You are talking a lot more this month and can speak in decent four- or five-word sentences. You use this ability mainly to ask for things (Mummy, apple sweet please?) or to give instructions (Daddy, change song please!). I have always been a bit concerned about your speech development so it’s great that you are able to express yourself so well!

Your counting has improved a bit and you count from 1 to 10 with no problem but after that it’s 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 19, 20! When asked to count particular objects or things in a book, you used to count all the way to 10 regardless of the number of things there actually were but now you can stop yourself when you run out of things to count. You can finally recognise most basic colours instead of calling everything “Blue!”. I think you can identify black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and brown for now so that’s good enough for me! Your daddy and I are quite amazed that you can recognise your letters! I think your 公公 has been doing a very good job teaching you your alphabet with the help of YouTube videos. Of course, you still get confused now and then but I think it’s great that the letters make any sort of sense to you in the first place!

You like learning about opposites and enjoy making comparisons (Mummy big! Anya small!). One funny thing you like to say is the word “Evil!” and you enjoy calling most people evil. But I’ve since taught you to say “No! Mummy nice!” in response to the question “Is Mummy evil?”. Heh heh. You can’t speak much Mandarin though and I can only remember phrases such as “没有”, “起来”, “老鼠” and “洗屁股”!

You are still crazy about your Hi-5 and Barney videos but you also enjoy being read to. I downloaded some Kidztory iPhone apps which you love because of all the animation and sound effects that accompany the stories. I’m so glad you received some books as birthday presents because I’m getting pretty sick of the ones you have been making me read over and over again!

You have a lot of opinions now! It took me a while to decide which birthday cake to get for you because the only one you wanted was this Hello Kitty cake which only came in a small size. We couldn’t persuade you to choose any of the big designs! You also like to choose what to wear and what to buy and sometimes veto the clothing that I choose for you (Don’t want! Put back!). When we were discussing the guest list for the party, you also made it clear that you only want the kids older than you at the party and not the younger ones!

Physically, you have finally hit 12kg and you are almost 90cm tall. You like to run, jump and walk backwards! You are a lot more confident with the bars and beams in the gym and can generally be left to explore a playground on your own. In fact, we have been going to so many playgrounds this month and not anywhere else more interesting!

This month, we went to watch your first Mandarin play, The Magic Ocean, at the Esplanade. We also became Friends of the Zoo so that we can bring you to the water playground more often. We attended Auntie Juan, Sam & Daniel’s party and Sophia’s party and of course, we celebrated your birthday as well! We also attended Uncle Lik Chee’s wedding so it’s been quite a celebratory month for you!

swinging at tanglin tree

being dunked!

playing at the zoo

child labour

rabbit ears!

at auntie juan’s party

at uncle lik chee’s wedding lunch

drink-driving at sophia’s party

playing with the big kids

some hairstyle by auntie juan

with a plate on your head

matching outfits!

at the little gym

tracing your hand

trying to force-feed me

bubbles at your parties!

your beautiful 2-year-old smile!

I thank God for you every day and I love you more with each passing day! I can’t believe you’re already 2 years old! Thank you for making life so much more beautiful for all of us! Always know that I love you very much and I can’t imagine life without you!