Daily Archives: March 16, 2011

Anya at Fosters with Pam & Jo

The last time I met up with Pam and Jo was more than a year ago so it was great that we got to meet up today! We had tea at Fosters and they had fun hanging out with Anya.

very busy girl

with pam & jo

Devonshire cream tea!

cheese fries

ham & cheese sandwich

the only baby/ toddler in the world who likes pam

The Gingerbread Man

We went to catch The Gingerbread Man at Alliance Francaise this morning with Selena, Asher, Sharon and Aidan. It was quite well done though some parts could have been less draggy and I think the kids would have liked more puppety bits. It was interactive in that the characters in the play communicated with the kids in the audience by asking them questions which the kids happily shouted out answers to. Most of the action took place on the stage with the characters running around amongst the audience at certain bits. It was recommended for 3 years old and above so I’m just glad that Anya sat through the whole thing and even though she said she was scared during the more chaotic bits, she didn’t insist on being taken outside. Yay! Maybe we’ll catch Under the Baobab Tree in May/ June!

The Gingerbread Man

the simple but effective set

blurry picture of the kids

anya & aidan playing with gingerbread people after the show

Anya @ The Little Gym

Anya has been attending weekly sessions at The Little Gym for about 8 months now. She enjoys it and I think the classes are really good for her. The teachers are very professional and they try to get the kids to do something new every week. But the downside is that the classes are quite expensive and I think that after the March-May term, we’ll probably not sign up for the next one and just find other opportunities for her to run and swing around! We’ll miss the teachers and the space though! :(

anya now tries to swing from any bar she sees!

under the parachute

on the balance beam with daddy

forward roll!

she loves it when it’s time for the balls

she also loves getting stamps on her arms!