Daily Archives: March 18, 2011

Hong Kong Day 3

Day 3 was all about Disneyland! We were there from opening to closing so that’s about 10 hours! I think Hong Kong Disneyland is really suitable for toddlers because it’s quite small and the rides are all rather kid-friendly. Anya had a lot of fun there and so did we. She really liked taking photos with the mascots that we met and enjoyed the parade too. She had mixed feelings about the fireworks though. One moment she would be going “Ooh!!” and the next she would declare that she was scared.

Our final day was spent checking out the shops at the Citygate outlets before we made our way to the airport and home to Singapore. Anya threw a fit when we had to take her new Mickey Mouse toy away so that it could be put through the x-ray machine at the airport. She wasn’t amused when one of the airport staff tried to cheer her up by zapping her with the hand-held metal detector. But she collapsed and fell asleep right after that so she must have been extra cranky at that moment.

waiting for the gates to open

(over)dressed for the occasion

with minnie and mickey!


she loves rabbits

river adventure

flights of fantasy parade

at the water playground

before the fireworks

at the airport the next day

Hong Kong Day 2

We spent most of Day 2 at Ocean Park! We had to give the exciting rides a miss but Anya enjoyed the show and the panda. After Ocean Park, we made our way to the Disneyland Hotel. Anya still can’t stop talking about the Mickey Mouse train that we took. :)

with the little mermaid

scary jellyfish!

dolphins in the show

the cable car ride is quite an experience

after looking at the giant panda

mickey mouse train!

disneyland station

trying on some minnie ears


Hong Kong Day 1

We took the evening flight to HK on Friday and arrived around Anya’s bedtime so we all went to sleep and woke up refreshed for our activities the next day! So on the first day, we took the Star Ferry over to Central, then a bus to the Peak tram lower terminus and finally the tram up to the Peak. We checked out the view and then popped into Madame Tussauds before getting some lunch. After that, we went to the HK Zoological and Botanical Gardens for a walk before hunting down some roast goose for me. We ended our long day by watching the ‘Symphony of Lights’ from the Avenue of Stars and having some supper near our hotel.

on the plane. she didn’t keep the headphones on for long!

on the star ferry

peak tram

great view!

with my darling Jay Chou

anya & astroboy

adrian & tiger

hunting for roast goose

waiting for the symphony of lights to start