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Sentosa Getaway – Day 3!

On Saturday, we went over to Tanjong Beach and had a yummy brunch at Tanjong Beach Club. The food was really good and it’s so nice to be able to look out at the sea as we eat. We’re going there again for brunch on Mother’s Day! :) After brunch, we wanted to get a day bed on the beach to continue lazing around but they were all taken up so we went to sit in the shade somewhere and Anya continued her digging. Tanjong Beach is a lot less crowded and so much more pleasant than Siloso Beach! There were some groups of teenagers but they were not vulgar and annoying like the ones on Siloso Beach. Would definitely pick Tanjong Beach over Siloso anytime!!

Sentosa Getaway – Day 2!

On Friday, we took a stroll over to the Underwater World to look at the fish. The place is a lot smaller than I remember! We went to RWS to walk around and had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. They took a really, really long time to serve our food and they forgot Anya’s mac & cheese so we had to wait even longer for that. At least she enjoyed her pasta! Then it was off to Candylicious for Anya to take photos with all the sweet figures outside and for me to buy sweets for myself! After a nap back at the resort, we went to the beach so that Anya could dig around in the sand. It was quite crowded and Cafe del Mar and Wavehouse were both blasting music really loudly. There were lots of smokers around as well so it wasn’t very pleasant at all. Then it was off to Barnacles at Rasa Sentosa for dinner with Nav & Angie!

strange fish

she’s a coconut monster

happy Ben & Jerry’s hut!

collapsed from hunger

nom nom nom

two jelly bellies

a kiss for daddy

at the noisy and smoky beach


Sentosa Getaway – Day 1!

We made our way to Sentosa on Thursday afternoon and checked into the Siloso Beach Resort. The rooms aren’t great but the grounds are really quite lovely and green. Then we had an early dinner at Coastes and Anya managed to dig in the sand for a bit before we went to take the Skyride and luge. Anya just met the minimum height requirement of 85cm. I couldn’t do the rides and had to wait for them at the bottom. :( After their exciting rides, we walked around the Siloso beach area, watched the sunset and went back to the resort to splash around in the pool. That made us really hungry so we ordered room service for our supper!

the 95m long pool

snuggling in bed!

at Coastes

Skyride and luge

Matching dresses!

I got Anya and myself matching Havanna dresses in Iris Orchid from Mothers En Vogue at Centrepoint. The dresses are made of some material which is 95% bamboo. They are super soft and comfy plus environmentally-friendly too. I think we look quite cute in them. My mum says we look like we are dressed to go Hari Raya visiting. Hmmph!

Dairy Farm Nature Park

We had a field activity for some Sec 2 students at Dairy Farm Nature Park on Saturday morning. I had to bring Anya along because the husband was in Bangkok. Think it worked out quite well since I was the official caretaker for the day. It’s probably not a good idea for me to be stumbling along the Wallace Trail with the students in my current condition!

Looking back at my old entries, I realised that it’s been more than a year since Anya visited Dairy Farm Nature Park. Also, she’s been to the Singapore Quarry side but not to the Wallace Learning Centre bit. I wish I could bring her to the parks around our place more often but it’s always so hot!!

Some photos of the park from Saturday and from my recce trip a couple of weeks ago:

random dead log with ferns

not sure what this old building is for

Wallace learning centre housed in an old milking shed

inside the visitor information centre

monkey in the tree eating berries

monkey sitting on a cow

PLAYtime! Todd, the Big Green Frog

with Selena & Asher

picture from the PLAYtime! Facebook page

We went to watch Todd, the Big Green Frog last Saturday. It was quite enjoyable and there was nothing that Anya found scary unlike in the previous PLAYtime! performances. Selena and family were there too so the mummies and kids sat together in front while the daddies went to hide somewhere at the back. They gave each kid a lily pad made of felt which I thought was a great idea cos itchy fingers had something to fiddle with and I didn’t see anyone trying to destroy props this time round! I thought the story about a frog who was different and trying to fit in with the rest was appropriate and meaningful. Some parents may not have liked the ‘violent’ bits (frog throwing rocks at the crocodile and squashing the crocodile by sitting on him) but I thought those bits were ok too. The songs sung during the performance were familiar and catchy. On the whole, it was a good production so we’ll probably go for Rocky, the Baby Panda in July!