Daily Archives: April 1, 2011

Anya’s First Dental Visit

Brought Anya for her first dental visit yesterday to make sure that everything’s ok with her teeth. We went to GPA Dental at Holland Village since it’s pretty easy to get to from my mum’s place at Clementi. I also like that they have special facilities for kids at every branch.

Coincidentally, the email newsletter from ‘What To Expect’ that morning was on ‘Your Child’s First Dentist Visit’ so while we were on our way there, I talked to her about how the dentist was going to count her teeth and help her to brush her teeth.

She was so well-behaved during her check-up that I was quite surprised! She didn’t whine or try to get off the chair or say that she was scared! She was also very good with opening her mouth wide and rinsing her mouth and spitting out the water. Of course, it helped that the dentist was friendly and gentle. It certainly wasn’t cheap but I think it’s important that she has a good first impression of going to the dentist!

happily flipping through a Barney book while waiting

the dentist demonstrating to her what each tool does

looking at her teeth on TV

rinsing and spitting

getting teeth polished with strawberry-flavoured paste

choosing a sticker