Detailed scan at 18 weeks

We did our detailed scan on Saturday. Like Anya, the baby wasn’t very cooperative and I had to roll here and there like a stick of satay and cough hard a few times to get the baby to move into the correct position. The measurements were all ok so that’s a relief. :) We couldn’t get a good look at the genitalia so I had to go for a walk. During our last appointment with Dr S about 5 weeks ago, she said that the baby was likely to be a girl but she couldn’t be sure because the baby didn’t allow her to have a good look. So after the walk, we tried to look again but I still had to roll here and there and finally we managed to confirm that Baby #2 is a boy! We were a bit surprised because we were expecting a girl after what we were told at our last appointment. We even sorta decided on a name and were thinking of calling her Maya! Of course, we are also happy that we’re expecting a boy and it will be fun to have one of each. And 女+子=好, right?

We still have no name for the baby though! A name starting with ‘A’ or ‘D’ would be nice but Adrian doesn’t like any of my suggestions. He thinks ‘Adam’ is meaningless, ‘Anthony’ is floppy, ‘Andrew’ is too common, ‘Dylan’ is gay and ‘Damon’ sounds like demon. He has very strange opinions about names. I think we’ll have to consider names that don’t start with ‘A’ or ‘D’. Lots of time to think about it though!

Any suggestions? :)

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