Dairy Farm Nature Park

We had a field activity for some Sec 2 students at Dairy Farm Nature Park on Saturday morning. I had to bring Anya along because the husband was in Bangkok. Think it worked out quite well since I was the official caretaker for the day. It’s probably not a good idea for me to be stumbling along the Wallace Trail with the students in my current condition!

Looking back at my old entries, I realised that it’s been more than a year since Anya visited Dairy Farm Nature Park. Also, she’s been to the Singapore Quarry side but not to the Wallace Learning Centre bit. I wish I could bring her to the parks around our place more often but it’s always so hot!!

Some photos of the park from Saturday and from my recce trip a couple of weeks ago:

random dead log with ferns

not sure what this old building is for

Wallace learning centre housed in an old milking shed

inside the visitor information centre

monkey in the tree eating berries

monkey sitting on a cow


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