PLAYtime! Todd, the Big Green Frog

with Selena & Asher

picture from the PLAYtime! Facebook page

We went to watch Todd, the Big Green Frog last Saturday. It was quite enjoyable and there was nothing that Anya found scary unlike in the previous PLAYtime! performances. Selena and family were there too so the mummies and kids sat together in front while the daddies went to hide somewhere at the back. They gave each kid a lily pad made of felt which I thought was a great idea cos itchy fingers had something to fiddle with and I didn’t see anyone trying to destroy props this time round! I thought the story about a frog who was different and trying to fit in with the rest was appropriate and meaningful. Some parents may not have liked the ‘violent’ bits (frog throwing rocks at the crocodile and squashing the crocodile by sitting on him) but I thought those bits were ok too. The songs sung during the performance were familiar and catchy. On the whole, it was a good production so we’ll probably go for Rocky, the Baby Panda in July!

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