Sentosa Getaway – Day 2!

On Friday, we took a stroll over to the Underwater World to look at the fish. The place is a lot smaller than I remember! We went to RWS to walk around and had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. They took a really, really long time to serve our food and they forgot Anya’s mac & cheese so we had to wait even longer for that. At least she enjoyed her pasta! Then it was off to Candylicious for Anya to take photos with all the sweet figures outside and for me to buy sweets for myself! After a nap back at the resort, we went to the beach so that Anya could dig around in the sand. It was quite crowded and Cafe del Mar and Wavehouse were both blasting music really loudly. There were lots of smokers around as well so it wasn’t very pleasant at all. Then it was off to Barnacles at Rasa Sentosa for dinner with Nav & Angie!

strange fish

she’s a coconut monster

happy Ben & Jerry’s hut!

collapsed from hunger

nom nom nom

two jelly bellies

a kiss for daddy

at the noisy and smoky beach


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