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20-cent Volkswagen Ride

Like most kids, Anya really likes kiddy rides. She’s contented to sit in a stationary one and we also make it a point not to put any money into such rides especially since the ones in the shopping centres these days cost $1 per ride! But we saw this cute little retro Volkswagen Beetle ride the other day outside a provision shop at Commonwealth Crescent and it was only 20 cents a ride so I decided to break my own rule. Heh.

a very serious driver

cute logo!

International Museum Day: Singapore Philatelic Museum

It was International Museum Day yesterday and the Singapore Philatelic Museum was having an Open House so we dropped by to check out the Bunny Wonderland exhibition. Anya loves rabbits and she had a good time there. :) Another exhibition there now is ‘Singapore Takes Flight: A Hundred Years’ and kids could make a little flying machine of their own. Adrian made a yellow hot air balloon for Anya with some strips of cardboard and satay sticks. There’s free admission and fun activities next Sun too!

bunny says Hello!

come play!

patting the bunnies

she loved this touchscreen bunny-feeding

counting easter eggs

flying machines!

daddy hard at work

busy squishing balloons

with her hot air balloon

bye bye, bunny!

Anya’s Trial Class at Abrakadoodle

While I was busy meeting the parents of my students on Saturday morning, Adrian brought Anya for a trial class at Abrakadoodle. I think there are quite a few art classes available for kids her age but this one at Cluny Court is the nearest and therefore the most convenient! They were celebrating their 2nd anniversary so Anya got a cute little temporary tattoo of a dog on her arm and that made her quite happy. For her trial lesson, she made and decorated a wau bulan (moon kite) with some help from Adrian. She enjoyed the lesson that day so we signed up for a term. I really hope she continues to have fun!

in her apron

hard at work

her wau bulan

‘The Good Things’ at Clementi Mall

I go to Clementi Mall almost every single day. Most of the shops there are the same ol’ boring ones you get in every other heartland mall. But there is one very interesting shop there that caught my eye even before it opened and we went to check it out the other day (and left with a bag full of things). It’s called ‘The Good Things‘ and is found on the 3rd floor behind Starbucks.

Ok, for some reason, there isn’t really a 2nd floor at Clementi Mall except for the 2nd level of McDonald’s so this is the floor that you enter through the MRT linkway bridge.

Anyway, the shop sells all kinds of cute, quirky things! I even found the hole puncher that punches little hearts (instead of circles) that I saw on Must Have Cute! Ok, that previous sentence is a big hint to anyone who wants to get a birthday present for me. :) Other cute things that I love include a pencil sharpener shaped like a vintage camera, an invisible bookshelf and adorable leather animals!¬†Oh, and one more thing: they wrap everything in brown paper which I’m very fond of! :D

The Good Things

Anya looking defensive because she's been caught touching things

check out the Psycho-inspired shower curtain!

The Good Things
Clementi Mall, 03-50/52
3155 Commonwealth Ave West
Singapore 129588

Under the Baobab Tree… at the Singapore Botanic Gardens!

Since we’re watching Under the Baobab Tree next week, Selena suggested that we go and check out the baobab tree in the Botanic Gardens! The kids were not so keen on the baobab tree at first. Anya declared that it’s “not nice” because it looked really bare and boring. In fact, the baobab is also known as the upside-down tree because it looks like all the roots are up in the air! Other names for the baobab include monkey bread tree and dead rat tree. The baobab is mentioned in one of my favourite books, The Little Prince and is the Tree of Life in The Lion King. There are many myths and legends surrounding the baobab tree so I’m really looking forward to the play next week and I hope the kids enjoy it!

anya & I under the baobab tree

she wasn’t very willing to pose with it at first

a kingfisher up in the bare branches

giving each other fishes that they ‘caught’

little ellery

big rolling fountain ball

anya playing with the curtain ivy

waiting for daddy to pick us up

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station Tour

When I found out that the Preservation of Monuments Board (PMB) was conducting tours of Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, I quickly signed us up. I’m crazy about old places so I really didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to find out more about the station especially since it’s going to be relocated soon .

We went there after the Cold Storage run so I had to drag along two tired and grouchy people who are not as enthusiastic about historical places as I am. It was really quite fascinating (for me) to learn about the Art Deco design of the station and the Oriental influence that can be seen from the roof tiles. The 2nd and 3rd floor of the station used to be hotel rooms and I think it’d be quite cool to conserve the station by converting it into some sort of boutique hotel + transport museum.

We got tickets for a ride to KL in June so we’ll be back again soon! Can’t wait to try more of the delicious food at the station. :)

you can see the oriental roof tiles quite clearly here

love the design of the arches!

she’s more interested in her Milo Peng

we took a good look at the panels and coat of arms

checking out the tracks

obviously not paying attention

my grumpy husband and daughter

a final shot of the station

Cold Storage Kids Run 2011

We took part in the Cold Storage Kids Run which was held at the Padang yesterday. Anya refused to wake up in the morning so we carried her to the car in her pyjamas and she dozed till we got there. Guess she’s not a morning person either. Heh.

It was a bright blue day and there were a lot of people at the Padang. There were also many mascots for Anya to take pictures with! Her run went quite well and she ran/ walked the whole 800m by herself and didn’t ask her daddy to carry her. So proud of her!

pinning the number tag onto her huge XXS shirt

ready to go!

but first, a photo with the koko krunch koala

waiting to run

so far from the starting line!

and she's off!

obviously very tired near the end

getting a little medal