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Reflections for Anya’s Twenty-Sixth Month

You are 2 years, 2 months and 2 days old today! I didn’t have the time to do a proper update the previous month and made do with some photos but I just want to note down some of the things that make you so strange but so special to me.

You are talking a lot now and I love listening to you even though you don’t always make sense. You like to argue too, especially when it’s time for your nap:

Me: Mummy’s tired! Let’s go lie down.
You: Anya not tired. Anya wake up. Anya watch Hi-5!

You can be quite the joker too!

Adrian: Can I kiss your nose?
You: No! Kiss butt!

Adrian: Did you eat rice?
You: No…
Adrian: Did you eat noodles?
You: No…
Adrian: Then what did you eat?
You: Eat Daddy! *tries to bite daddy*

You also like to do stocktaking:

You: Mummy bought Jup Jup, Ah Ma bought Mickey Mouse, Daddy bought… nothing!

You are also a drama queen!

You: (while I’m combing your hair and trying to tie it up) Ouch! 救命! 救命!

You can sing some songs and your current favourite is “It’s a small world” and you like to sing along to the chorus and some bits of the verses. You love listening to stories and I try to tell you stories in a ‘fill in the blanks’ manner to let you be more involved. You like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Gingerbread Man and some other Aesop fable-type of stories.

You love to watch TV and play with the iPhone/ iPad. Your favourite app of the moment is Angry Birds even though you’re not very good at it. When we are out and about, you go crazy whenever you see Angry Birds plush toys.

You are very active and like to run and jump. You want to play with the older kids and like to run around with the older girls in church but they say you can’t because you’re still a baby and will fall down. You also like to dance and your Ah Gong obliges by playing strange techno music on his phone for you to dance to.

You can be surprisingly patient and easy-going. Whenever someone else is playing with/ on something you want to play with (kiddy rides, toys, at the playground, etc.) you will always wait your turn without making a fuss. I’m really proud of you for that.

You also seem to understand that you have a little brother on the way and you’re quite willing to kiss your brother through my tummy. I think you’ll be a great sister. :)

Ok, I’m suffering from pregnancy brain and can’t remember everything I wanted to write down so I’ll continue another day! Love you!

I look terrible in this picture with my bad hair and eye bags but you look really cute!