Under the Baobab Tree… at the Singapore Botanic Gardens!

Since we’re watching Under the Baobab Tree next week, Selena suggested that we go and check out the baobab tree in the Botanic Gardens! The kids were not so keen on the baobab tree at first. Anya declared that it’s “not nice” because it looked really bare and boring. In fact, the baobab is also known as the upside-down tree because it looks like all the roots are up in the air! Other names for the baobab include monkey bread tree and dead rat tree. The baobab is mentioned in one of my favourite books, The Little Prince and is the Tree of Life in The Lion King. There are many myths and legends surrounding the baobab tree so I’m really looking forward to the play next week and I hope the kids enjoy it!

anya & I under the baobab tree

she wasn’t very willing to pose with it at first

a kingfisher up in the bare branches

giving each other fishes that they ‘caught’

little ellery

big rolling fountain ball

anya playing with the curtain ivy

waiting for daddy to pick us up

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