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‘The Good Things’ at Clementi Mall

I go to Clementi Mall almost every single day. Most of the shops there are the same ol’ boring ones you get in every other heartland mall. But there is one very interesting shop there that caught my eye even before it opened and we went to check it out the other day (and left with a bag full of things). It’s called ‘The Good Things‘ and is found on the 3rd floor behind Starbucks.

Ok, for some reason, there isn’t really a 2nd floor at Clementi Mall except for the 2nd level of McDonald’s so this is the floor that you enter through the MRT linkway bridge.

Anyway, the shop sells all kinds of cute, quirky things! I even found the hole puncher that punches little hearts (instead of circles) that I saw on Must Have Cute! Ok, that previous sentence is a big hint to anyone who wants to get a birthday present for me. :) Other cute things that I love include a pencil sharpener shaped like a vintage camera, an invisible bookshelf and adorable leather animals!¬†Oh, and one more thing: they wrap everything in brown paper which I’m very fond of! :D

The Good Things

Anya looking defensive because she's been caught touching things

check out the Psycho-inspired shower curtain!

The Good Things
Clementi Mall, 03-50/52
3155 Commonwealth Ave West
Singapore 129588