Daily Archives: June 2, 2011

Disney Junior in Singapore

We attended a Disney blogger event at Hatched on Tuesday afternoon. It was a luncheon with Nancy Kanter, VP for the new Disney Junior brand worldwide and a casual presentation on the new channel that’s launching in Singapore. Anya is CRAZY about Mickey Mouse and we basically invoke the name of Mickey Mouse whenever we need to persuade her to do something. E.g. “Eat your macaroni! They are Mickey Mouse’s ears!” and “Please put on your pants! Mickey Mouse wears pants, you know?” As expected, she got very excited when she saw the Mickey Mouse standees at the venue and wanted to take lots of pictures.

So anyway, Disney Junior replaces Playhouse Disney and caters to kids from as young as 2 years old all the way to 7. There are several new programmes on Disney Junior and I think that one of the most interesting new additions is the series of Disney Poetry Shorts which showcases poems for children set to scenes from classic Disney films. We were shown clips from some of the new programmes and judging from the attention the kids paid when the clips were being shown, I think they are going to be quite popular!

Well, it was an interesting afternoon, we had a good lunch and Anya got to bring home a goody bag which included a Mickey Mouse plush and that totally made her day!

in her Minnie Mouse t-shirt

she wants them all!

sitting at Mickey’s feet

time for some colouring!