Daily Archives: June 3, 2011

31 Circus Acts in 30 minutes + Cirque du Marché @ Esplanade

We went to the Esplanade earlier this evening to catch 31 Circus Acts in 30 minutes by Circa acrobats at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. I wanted the opportunity of this free performance to see if I should bother spending money on tickets for full-length circus acts for Anya. It was a fun and silly performance but Anya wasn’t exactly jumping up and down in excitement so I guess we won’t have to bother bringing her for such circus acts for a while! :)

The other thing going on at the Esplanade Waterfront was Cirque du Marché, an outdoor market with gourmet food to eat and knick knacks to buy. It’s quite similar to the Farmers’ Market at Loewen Gardens. We got some burgers, hot dogs and pies and I managed to get a birthday present for my friend’s kid.

31 Circus Arts in 30 mins is on until Sunday. Cirque du Marché is still on tomorrow from 5pm to 12 midnight.

Cirque du Marché

Singapore Arts Festival: Kids Arts Village

Brought Anya down to Esplanade Park to check out the Kids Arts Village which is part of the Singapore Arts Festival. It was a hot day so I was really glad to see that all the different parts of the Kids Arts Village were in air-conditioned tents! There are activities and performances till Sunday and more information is available here.

Tan Kim Seng fountain

at the entrance of the Festival Village

one of the projects in the Gallery

trying to do some sketching of her own

watching The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

leaving her mark

peering into the Topsy Turvy Rabbit Hole

the Food Kaleidoscope inside

admiring the painted rocks at the Eco-Garden

pretty rocks!