Daily Archives: June 7, 2011

Children Little Museum at Kampong Glam

After visiting the Kids Arts Village the other day, Anya and I went to Kampong Glam for a walk. We went into a shop near Sultan Mosque called Children Little Museum. The shop sells all kinds of old toys like marbles, capteh, five stones, etc. We had to pay $2 each to go up to the second floor of the shop which turned out to be a tiny museum of some sort. It’s a really small space but they have managed to cramp quite a lot into it.

There are a few gems in the Children Little Museum even though the items don’t really seem to come from a particular era and it was more like a collection of random old things that we don’t see around us anymore. But I really do like looking at old things.

Afterwards, we cooled down at Fika, a halal Swedish cafe, before checking out Haji Lane.

Sultan Mosque

old rocking horses and other toys mounted on the wall

mock-up of an old barbershop

checking out some old textbooks and report cards

mobile cinema

an old hawker stall. ice balls, anyone?

a tin can telephone

milo tin 'cash register' in the mock-up of a toy shop

inside Fika

anya cooling down with some yoga moves. haha...

Children Little Museum
42 Bussorah St