Daily Archives: June 8, 2011

Children’s Season: The PlayDome at the National Museum of Singapore

We went to The PlayDome at the National Museum of Singapore yesterday. I was a bit confused about the ticketing because teachers usually get free entrance to the museum and the PlayDome is free for kids below 3 so I really didn’t know if I needed a ticket. After some miscommunication and making our way to the 3rd floor and down and up again, we finally made it inside after I got a ticket.

I think Art Garden at Singapore Art Museum is more engaging and interactive than the PlayDome and definitely better for the younger kids. But Anya still had fun and we spent more time there than I expected to. We started at the Front Lawn but that wasn’t much fun for either of us cos the telescope-thing was too high for Anya to look into on her own and too low for me to bend down to peep into. I had to lift her a few times and she just said that she saw “nothing”. Then we went into the Black Box and she really had fun experimenting with the patterns in the giant kaleidoscope and interacting with the 2 and a ½ D Cinema. We ended our trip at the Garden because she wanted to “see the chili”.

Domescape @ Front Lawn

peeping out from the wayang stage with her mask on

dressed up in one of the wayang costumes

making the patterns change in the giant kaleidoscope

inside the 2 and a ½ D Cinema

with a prop umbrella and trying to give me fish

us on TV

giving her feedback on the programmes

drawing on a plastic disc in the Garden

looking through a mini telescope

off to look at the chili