Daily Archives: June 10, 2011

Children’s Season: Little Phoenixes & Dragons at Perankan Museum

We went for one of Peranakan Museum’s Drop-in Wednesdays and had tons of fun! Adrian and I are both part-Peranakan so I think it’s great that Anya has this opportunity to learn more about the culture of the Peranakans in Singapore. She printed a silkscreen T-shirt, played with a Peranakan shophouse doll house and coloured a tile. I made a shrink plastic keychain! Oh, and Anya got to dress up as a little nyonya in a sarong kebaya! There are exciting activities on between 1 & 5pm for the next 3 Wednesdays and it’s definitely worth a trip down.

Peranakan Museum

inside the activity room

Anya getting dressed up

little nyonya complete with brooch and beaded slippers!

printing her silkscreen T-shirt

blowdrying her shirt

intricate shophouse doll house

amazing tiny rosewood mother-of-pearl furniture!

checking out spices used in Peranakan cooking

a giant kam cheng which Anya says is “very scary”

storytelling session