Daily Archives: June 13, 2011

Reflections for Anya’s Twenty-Seventh Month

It’s been a really busy month for you!

You attended your last Little Gym session and started art classes at Abrakadoodle. So far, you have made a moon kite, a Haiti house photo frame and painted a picture of an oak tree for Father’s Day. You took part in the Cold Storage Kids Run with Daddy and successfully completed the 800m on your own. We went to watch ‘Hatchling Delights’ at the Singapore International Children’s Film Festival, caught ‘Under the Baobab Tree’ with your cousins and watched Barney at Marina Square. We also hung out with your friends at West Coast Park and with your cousins at Singapore Botanic Gardens. You got to meet your friends again at Jotham’s 1st birthday party and your cousins at Heather’s.

We have been visiting many of the museums again because of Children’s Season and it’s great that you are having so much fun. We visited the Singapore Philatelic Museum, the Singapore Art Museum, the National Museum of Singapore and the Peranakan Museum. We also went on a tour of the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, visited the quaint Children Little Museum in Kampong Glam and the Kids Arts Village which was part of the Singapore Arts Festival.

You have been spending a lot of time with just me because of the school holidays. It’s really fun hanging out with you because you are excited about the places we go to and the things we do. You are quite easy to get food for and you feed yourself and you walk everywhere without asking me to carry you. And the best part is that you talk so much now so I know what you’re thinking and what you need.

You say really funny things that crack us up:

*while folding a piece of paper* Anya busy. Don’t disturb Anya. Anya do magic. Ta dah! Carrot! For you!
*in a high-pitched voice after popping a gummy bear vitamin into your mouth* Don’t eat me! Ow, ow, ow!

You also have a habit of beating inanimate objects when you lose your temper and actually want to beat someone but know you can’t. You definitely have a stubborn streak.

Beat…chair! Beat…Mickey Mouse! Cannot beat Daddy. Cannot beat Mummy.

You are a real joker and like to compare your Daddy to certain objects:

Daddy..Mr Bean (the soya bean drink mascot)! Daddy…potato! That’s funny! Anya laughing!

You love to sing and have a repertoire of English, Chinese and even Hokkien songs!

I love your grin!

I thank God for you every day and I love you more with each passing day! Thank you for making life so much more beautiful for all of us! Always know that I love you very much and I can’t imagine life without you!