Daily Archives: June 26, 2011

Children’s Season: Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research

Anya is afraid of several creatures, such as cockroaches, lizards, rats, turtles, snakes and lobsters. These and more are all found at Raffles Museum! I didn’t think she would like the museum very much but I wanted to go so I played the “but it’s my birthday!” card and dragged the two of them along with me. Fortunately, Anya was quite excited to walk around and look at all the insects and animals after we assured her that they were all very dead. In fact, the only thing she wasn’t too fond of was a large pair of water buffalo horns.

There were several activities going on for kids to take part in like a slideshow and quiz, face-painting, mask-making and button-making. Anya chose a picture of bracket fungus to colour and make into a button. I was actually quite glad that each activity required a small donation so there wasn’t the situation of tons of children/ parents trying to take advantage and overwhelming the volunteers like at some other Children’s Season events.

Overall, it was a fun visit and even Adrian had to admit that it was interesting. Heh.

checking out the starfish

lots of insects!

super long king cobra that was found at SICC

lions & tigers & bears, oh my!

Anya liked the monkeys

button-making station

colouring in her bracket fungus