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Nursing/Diaper Changing Room… in a Food Court!

This is a somewhat random post but I came across this nursing/diaper changing room that is pretty decent by any standard but what really makes it stand out is the fact that it’s found inside a food court! The pros: the nursing cubicle can be locked and there’s an electric socket inside so those who need to pump can use it too. There are some magazines on the shelves in the nursing cubicle and a mirror so you can check to make sure you are decent before you step out. There is a wash basin and a hot and cold water dispenser. The cons: the room is narrow so it will be a bit cramp with a stroller inside. Also didn’t see any hand soap by the sink. This nursing/diaper changing room is found inside the food court in Clementi Mall.

nursing/ diaper changing room

diapering area and water dispenser

nursing cubicle

Anya at Abrakadoodle: First Printing Doodle

first printing doodle

For her lesson yesterday, Anya made a printing doodle with things commonly found in the kitchen. The kids applied paint of different colours onto a large sheet of paper with cookie cutters, forks, kitchen sponges and even aluminium foil.

Plan Toys: Sustainable Fun

Bought Anya a Plan Toys fruit set from Love For Earth. I love wooden toys and I love that Plan Toys are made from environmentally-friendly materials and manufactured in an environmentally-responsible way. The wood comes from rubber trees which no longer produce latex and the machines used to make the toys are powered by solar energy and bio-fuels! It may sound very idealistic (and some may say, foolish) but I think that if we want to have children, then we owe it to our kids to live in a more sustainable manner. I’m not the most eco-conscious person around – I am not a vegetarian, I don’t always recycle and I buy things I don’t need – but I think that every small effort makes a difference.

Old Clementi Playground

I stayed in Little India for the first 15 years of my life and visited Clementi from time to time since my parents had a place there. Then I stayed in Clementi for the next 10 years before moving out when I got married. A lot of things that I remember about growing up in Little India have stayed roughly the same since it’s a conservation area. But I can’t say the same for Clementi. The McDonald’s that used to be housed in the¬†Commonwealth Theatre¬†is gone. The big fountain that used to be outside McDonald’s and the clock tower near the market are gone as well. I can’t even find a decent picture of those two online! The bus interchange has moved and my parents have also been moved from their original block to a new one.

So now I’m trying to take some photos of the bits of Clementi that will be gone soon (like my parents’ old block) and even the newer bits since they form an essential part of Anya’s childhood. I just wish that things didn’t always have to move and change so quickly in Singapore.

This is a tiny playground that stands outside what used to be A&W. It’s one of the few mosaic/concrete/sand playgrounds left in Singapore. I’ve brought Anya to visit the old dragon playground in Toa Payoh and the old seal playground in Dakota Crescent and this is much plainer but also a lot more special since I used to play on it. I’m pretty sure it will be gone soon because they are going to develop the area around it.

I think it's supposed to be a bird

simple combination of steps, double slides and tunnel

Anya & her little blue friend

Relish at Cluny Court

I’m really supposed to be resting at home these days but it’s nearly impossible when there is a certain 2-year-old who refuses to leave the house without her mother. Sigh. So on Saturday, we went for her art class then had brunch at Relish. Good food, good coffee and good service. I wasn’t overly impressed by the Milo & Horlicks Marble Cake I had for dessert but was happy with everything else.


Relish by Wildrocket

specials on the chalkboard

high ceiling, exposed beams

Eggs Wild Benedict: yummy potato cubes on the side

Breakfast Platter: excellent scrambled eggs

Milo & Horlicks Marble Cake: quite blah

nom nom nom

same expression

double chin grin

Anya at Abrakadoodle: First Illumination Art Doodle

For her Abrakadoodle class on Saturday, Anya doodled on a piece of paper with crayons/markers/paint and the paper was then made into a lantern in preparation for Mid-Autumn Festival. I didn’t really get the point of this because the final product was just a total mess. Perhaps the kids could have gotten more guidance on what to draw on the piece of paper or could have used materials like coloured cellophane which would at least have some interesting effect when lit up from within! Otherwise, it’s just a random doodle that’s rolled up into a tube. -_-

First Illumination Art Doodle