Daily Archives: July 3, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore

We went to Universal Studios yesterday as part of my school’s staff family day. Since I can’t take most of the rides, Adrian got an Express pass so that I didn’t have to spend too much time waiting around while he brought Anya for rides. It was an excellent idea and we had a really good time!

Even though it was my 4th time at USS, I still couldn’t take the Battlestar Galactica ride!! ARGH. It was Anya’s 2nd time at USS and I reckon she had a lot more fun this time since she could take more rides and run around. The night before, we told her that we were going to 阿饼’s house to eat fried chicken so she was quite excited. Heh. She really enjoyed going “up…up…up, down…down…down!” at the Madagascar carousel so we took that twice. However, she’s still scared of the gunshot and explosion noises at Waterworld!

heading to the carousel

up and down!

family picture with the penguins

阿饼's house!

really enjoying her potion bottle juice

on the Treasure Hunters ride

Adrian's in the second row

with a silly hat

Po and I have matching tummies

with the Reese's mascot

chewing on 阿饼 in the car