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Singapore HeritageFest Festival Opening

We went to the Singapore HeritageFest Festival Opening at Ang Mo Kio earlier this afternoon. There are several different sections: Kampong Spirit, Heartland Groove, Food Haven & Singapore Portraits. I liked the Kampong Spirit bit with the mock-ups depicting life in the 1960s. Some of the mock-ups really reminded me of the way my grandma’s place looked when I was growing up. The Food Haven was only so-so and didn’t really evoke feelings of Singapore’s exciting food heritage since the vendors could not cook anything on the spot and had to sell food prepared beforehand.  I had a pretty decent mee siam from the Malay food stall though.

I was initially disappointed that the Singapore Portraits area wasn’t so much an exhibit of Singapore artwork than an exhibit about Singapore artwork but I guess it wouldn’t be such a good idea to display valuable pieces of art and photographs in such a humid tent! There was a booth selling some museum merchandise so Adrian bought a cute Walter plush (that big rabbit currently outside SAM) and a storybook for Anya.

Finally, before we left, we went by the Community Patchwork tent so that we could make a patch to add to the collection there. Anya took a seat at the activity area and a lady there kept asking Anya very brusquely, “What do you want, girl?” and even told her to vacate her seat so that someone else could sit down and make a patch. This was supposed to be an activity recommended for children and families so I really don’t know what her problem was. I told her that Anya wanted to make a patch and that we would help her so she finally handed over some clay very reluctantly. Sheesh!

The Festival Opening is on till 7pm tomorrow at the field behind AMK Community Library and I think it’s worth checking out if you’re in the area. But avoid the grumpy woman at the Community Patchwork tent.

Festival Opening

Anya and biscuits

mock-up of old provision shop

Food Haven

mee siam

Singapore Portraits

Community Patchwork

Anya & Walter