Daily Archives: July 19, 2011

Simply Bread at Cluny Court

The last time I tried to eat at Simply Bread, I was unsuccessful because they take cash only and I had none and the only ATM in the building is Citibank. Argh. I have a bad habit of going out without cash! I really don’t mind if they impose a minimum amount that has to be spent before you can pay by NETS/ credit card, but to take cash only when the items on the menu are not that cheap is quite irritating. Anyway, it’s in the building where Anya has her art classes so we had breakfast there on Saturday.

Simply Bread

bright and airy interior

trying out braids on Anya

reviving her father who has collapsed

french toast: generous with the eggs but a tad oily

brunch plate with sausages: bread was dry and hard :(

chocolate roll: I liked this but would have been better served warm

the identical A. Wees grinning at each other