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Walking Along the Railway Track

Despite being rather shaken by what we went through on Sunday morning, we eventually made it to the railway track. We had gone for a tour of the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in May and had taken a train to KL from the station in June so this walk was really just to round things up. We started at the bit behind our place and walked to Rail Mall at a leisurely pace. There were lots of people walking on the railway track as well so there was a festive mood in the air.

I really hope they turn the track into a cycling path because it’s so lush and green and it would be wonderful to be able to cycle continuously along such a great distance without worrying about traffic!

The stretch of railway track between Rifle Range Rd and Rail Mall will remain open to the public until 31 July. You can get an information guide and walking map here.

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our starting point

here today, gone tomorrow

Anya had a very comfy 'walk'

perched on daddy's head

so green!

extreme sport: blind track walking

pets were walking the track too

truss bridge at Rail Mall