Daily Archives: July 25, 2011

Relish at Cluny Court

I’m really supposed to be resting at home these days but it’s nearly impossible when there is a certain 2-year-old who refuses to leave the house without her mother. Sigh. So on Saturday, we went for her art class then had brunch at Relish. Good food, good coffee and good service. I wasn’t overly impressed by the Milo & Horlicks Marble Cake I had for dessert but was happy with everything else.


Relish by Wildrocket

specials on the chalkboard

high ceiling, exposed beams

Eggs Wild Benedict: yummy potato cubes on the side

Breakfast Platter: excellent scrambled eggs

Milo & Horlicks Marble Cake: quite blah

nom nom nom

same expression

double chin grin