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Adam’s Birth Story

first photo of the three of us

I guess I should get around to writing Adam’s birth story although I think a scheduled C-section is really quite unexciting and there’s nothing much to say about it!

We brought Anya to Amazonia at Great World City the evening before so that we could spend some precious time together as a family of 3. Since it was a weekday, we practically had the whole place to ourselves. After dinner, we brought her to my mum’s place and went home to get our things for the hospital.

We got to the hospital at about 11.30pm and, to our dismay, we were given a 2-bedder room which wasn’t even in the maternity ward. There were no single rooms available so we could only hope to transfer to one after my procedure. The nurses came and took some readings and we were left to sleep after I had a cup of Milo. I wasn’t supposed to eat or drink anything after 2am. I didn’t sleep very well because I was feeling very nervous and Adam was also happily kicking away inside.

On Friday morning, we woke up pretty early and soon it was time for the C-section. I think I was better behaved the first time around and didn’t move when they were preparing me for the epidural. This time, I was anticipating the jabs so I flinched a little. Dr S came in at 9.03am and by 9.09am, Adam was born! According to those who had a better view, once his head was out, he opened his eyes and looked around. They showed him to me over the ‘curtain’ and the first thing he did was scream at me. Tsk tsk. Then he was cleaned up and passed to me. After we took some photos, Adam was taken away and Adrian followed him while I was sewn up.

So I stayed in bed the rest of the day with a drip, a catheter and a tube to drain my wound. Anya came to visit her brother that day and gave him a present. We also gave her a present to congratulate her on becoming a big sister. I think she was quite happy to finally meet her brother and said that he’s “handsome like a flamingo” (quoted from Eric Carle’s The Mixed Up Chameleon) and that he looks “like a hamster”.

We stayed in the hospital until Monday and many friends and family members came to visit us and made us feel very loved. And now Adam and I are at my mum’s place and we will be here until he’s one month old!

Preparing for the New Baby



When Juan was expecting Daniel, I got her two books from Child’s Play to prepare Samuel for his little brother’s arrival. So when it was my turn to prepare Anya for her little brother, I also used the books, ‘Waiting for Baby’ and ‘My New Baby’, to talk to Anya about what was happening and what was going to happen.

Both books have only pictures and no words so they allow the parent to explain the pictures according to the circumstances and with appropriate terms that are familiar to the child. ‘Waiting for Baby’ shows mummy gaining weight, going for ultrasound scans, the parents buying things for the nursery, the child going to stay with the grandparents when it was time for mummy to go to the hospital and the child visiting the mummy and new sibling in the hospital, etc. ‘My New Baby’ shows life after the baby arrives with mummy feeding the baby, daddy changing diapers, baby crying loudly, baby sleeping, etc.

I feel that the books have been really useful in showing Anya what to expect when mummy is pregnant and when a new baby comes along. She enjoys looking through the books and when I need her to understand that we need time with Adam, I just have to say something like, “Remember? Like in the picture in the book?”

I bought the books from Books Depository (my absolute favourite place to buy books these days) and they are also available from Amazon.

Isaac is One Month Old!

Happy 1st Month, Isaac!

It seems like such a short while ago that I blogged about Isaac’s arrival and now he’s one month old already! I couldn’t attend the celebration but I made a little gift for him. It’s a very simple name print inspired by the ones I’ve seen on Etsy. I hope Isaac and his parents like it!

Yellow, Yellow, Little Fellow


We went to see Dr. Tan at Mt. Alvernia yesterday to check on Adam’s bilirubin levels. Unfortunately, the levels are still quite high so we are renting a Bilibed from The Baby Specialist for the weekend and hopefully he will be fine by Monday! Although the blue light makes it look like we are performing some science experiment on Adam, I think the Bilibed is probably quite comfortable and it’s definitely better than having to hospitalise him. I just keep worrying, in my usual paranoid way, that he’s too warm (because of the fleecy blanket) or that he’s too cold (now that we’ve turned on the air-con because recommended room temperature is 20-25 degrees). The phototherapy also dehydrates him and he’s waking up more often to drink so I’m feeling slightly zombiefied today. But his colour is looking better already so that’s a good sign! :)

Threadless Russian Newborn Tee



I bought this cute tee from Threadless because of the matryoshka design and it’s quite a good representation of how I felt after going through a C-section to deliver Adam! But I don’t think he’s a mini version of me although it’s still too early to say for sure who he looks more like.

We’re home!


After 3 days in the hospital, we are now back at home. Home for the time being is my parents’ place because my mum is cooking for me during my confinement. It’s a lot more convenient for us to be at her place plus she still needs to take care of Anya. I suppose taking care of a newborn is slightly easier the second time around but I do still feel nervous handling a fragile little baby. Anya seems to be taking things in her stride and is curious about her little brother and wants to look at him and touch him. Unfortunately, that’s not such a good thing at this time because she’s got a cold and she’s sneezed on her brother twice already!! Argh. Really hope he doesn’t fall sick. :(

Angry Birds… For the Babies!


There’s a line of Angry Birds baby items by Swaddle Designs with things like receiving blankets, swaddling blankets, burp cloths and sleep suits. So cute! They are available for pre-order now but will only be ready in October. I’m so tempted to order something!