National Day Parade 1995: Marching Contingent

The National Day Parade 1995 was held at the Padang. I was in the combined BB/GB marching contingent along with several other girls from my company. We started training in February and all our weekends from then till August were burnt! We had tan lines on our foreheads from standing in the sun with our caps on. I remember that we were served the same food every weekend for those 7 months: it was either soggy KFC or some other chicken thing. Maybe my aversion to chicken developed then. Of course, I was very proud that I got to march in the NDP but if I had to do it all over again, I don’t think I would because 7 months is a long time and I really don’t like chicken.

The photos below are from PICAS (Pictures Archives Singapore) which is by the National Archives of Singapore.  I’m thinking of getting some of the pictures printed for old times’ sake. :)

NDP 1995 at the Padang

I’m behind the guy with the red sash

back view

4 thoughts on “National Day Parade 1995: Marching Contingent

  1. Sueann

    Oh my goodness… how much memories that brings back. I was trying to recall how many NDPs / SYFs I’ve marched in and the many many hours of absolutely wilting in the sun. Those were the days…


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