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Go the F**k to Sleep

Go the F**k to Sleep

Last night was one of those nights that I really felt like the narrator in Go the F**k to Sleep. Firstly, although the book looks like a children’s book, it is obviously not meant to be read by or read to children! And while I generally don’t approve of the use of vulgarities and try my best not to use any, I can’t deny that I curse and swear in my head when I’m super exhausted and Anya refuses to go to sleep. I think almost every parent (except maybe adherents of Gina Ford/ Baby Wise/ any other sleep training guide) can relate to this book to some extent even if he/she doesn’t express it in the same way!

So, we were trying to get Anya to sleep in her new bed last night and she was using every trick in the book to do anything else but sleep. She wanted milk, then she wanted water, then she wanted more milk. She wanted her blanket, then she didn’t want her blanket, then she decided that she needed to hide under the blanket with Mickey Mouse.  I told her every story, sang her every song and still she didn’t go to sleep. Of course, like the narrator in the book, Adrian fell asleep long before Anya did. She eventually did go to sleep but I didn’t sleep well at all because I was worrying about whether she was ok in her new bed. :/