Daily Archives: August 7, 2011

CM-PB (Contemporary Melting-Pot & Bar) at Dempsey

After Anya’s art class, we met up with Debs and Simon for brunch at CM-PB. It was very quiet there and it was really nice to get away from the crowd. The food was pretty good, especially the warm focaccia, but slightly expensive.


live music every night

lovely greenery behind the restaurant

Bread & Butter

Easy Breakfast

Eggs On Request

Rosti Sausage

CM-PB Burger

Anya at Abrakadoodle: Lines, inspired by Gene Davis

telling the class about her artwork

Lines, inspired by Gene Davis

Anya’s latest artwork. There were supposed to be 3 altogether with the last one done in colour pencil, crayon and marker but Anya didn’t want to do it. -_-