National Day 1984: Adrian on Romper Room

People who are above a certain age would remember a children’s TV series called Romper Room. Well, 27 years ago, a certain Adrian Wee went on two episodes of Romper Room, one of which was a National Day episode. His parents just got the very old video converted to DVD so we were all watching it yesterday. For both episodes, Adrian was dressed (according to his mother, fashionably) in tight white shorts and knee-high socks. In the National Day episode, each kid brought along a toy and he brought some transforming thing which he took a really long time to transform and then said, “It’s kinda hard…” The kids had to play instruments and march around like in a parade and I nearly collapsed from laughing at a scene where he was trying to put on a cap which was too small for his already-gigantic head. ;)

He was not very gentlemanly on the show and would rush to sit down instead of giving way to the girls and would also grab whatever musical instrument caught his eye even if some girl wanted it. Good thing I didn’t watch this before we got married or I would have reconsidered. ;) I honestly don’t remember watching Romper Room as a kid even though I know that such a show existed and that the Mr Do Bee mascot is a bee. So when I watched it yesterday, I felt that the bit at the end when the hostess looks through a ‘magic mirror’ and reads out names of children very freaky!

Romper Room

Mr Do Bee

‘Do keep your promises, don’t break them!’

having a hard time transforming his toy

cap stretched to its maximum capacity

tight white shorts and knee-high socks

magic mirror moment

4 thoughts on “National Day 1984: Adrian on Romper Room

  1. Nisha

    Ha! I remember Ms Sarah and Romper Room – think a bunch of us were on it back in the 80s. It was such a big deal back then, going to SBC getting makeup to go on TV :) But yes, that mirror is disturbing!

    1. delphine Post author

      Yah, it’s so much easier for us these days to store everything on our computers! As long as we remember to back-up our stuff!

      His head is still very big now and it’s hard for him to find caps that fit. ;)


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