Daily Archives: August 10, 2011

Motoring Heritage Day at the Old Ford Factory

We popped by the Old Ford Factory on our way home on Sunday to check out the vintage cars on display for Motoring Heritage Day. I know absolutely nothing about cars but I think classic vintage cars are so beautiful even if they are completely impractical. In fact, we were quite horrified to note that one of the vintage Rolls Royce cars on display has an annual road tax of $11 100 a year.

Motoring Heritage Day at the Old Ford Factory

1933 Ford Tudor Sedan: same age as my grandmother

1941 Ford Mercury Club Convertible: assembled at that Ford Factory!

Anya checking out the 'newer' cars

1979 Ford Cortina: one of the last Fords to be assembled at that Ford Factory

Anya's favourite: 1965 Triumph Spitfire

The Rainbow Fish: An Ocean Tale

We went to watch The Rainbow Fish: An Ocean Tale by I Theatre¬†at LASALLE College of the Arts on Saturday night. The Rainbow Fish is one of Anya’s favourite books so I was hoping that she’d enjoy the musical too. While the puppetry and songs were quite good, I was rather bored during the first half of the show because there was way too much dialogue and singing and it wasn’t even really related to the story in the book. When you are dealing with a classic story like The Rainbow Fish, I think it would be better to stick as closely to the story as possible. I think Anya was slightly bored too because she kept leaning on me and fidgeting. The second half was better because they finally got around to telling the actual story and Anya became more interested in whatever was going on. I’m probably going to bring her for the next I Theatre production, The Elves and The Shoemaker, and I’m hoping they will just stick to the story as much as possible and keep the songs short!

with her Rainbow Fish finger puppet (and angry bird face)

LASALLE College of the Arts

happily posing outside

we bumped into Shane and Saffy there!