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Changi Village Getaway Day 3

The day after National Day, we checked out of the hotel and made our way to the Changi Chapel & Museum┬álocated a few minutes away from Changi Village. It’s been years since I visited the museum so I wanted to go while we were in the area. Anya wasn’t very interested in the exhibits but was solemn when I showed her a glass case containing a bonnet and booties that belonged to a baby of a POW and told her about the many children who died from not having enough food or from falling very sick. Photography is not allowed in the museum so we only took some pictures at the chapel. When we were at the chapel, we lit a candle in remembrance of those who had suffered during the war and Anya said it was for the children who died so I guess the museum visit was of some significance to her.

After walking around the museum and chapel, we had brunch at The Bark Cafe located on the premises of the Changi Chapel & Museum. The guy who took our orders was somewhat distracted and was trying to do three different things at once but otherwise the service was decent and prompt. The food was good though and we didn’t have to wait very long. I liked that they had plants that were used during the war (e.g. tapioca, rubber, lalang, ginger) grown around the perimeter with little signs explaining why that particular plant was so important to the people during WWII.

Changi Chapel

just a small hut-like structure

tsuru: 1000 paper cranes as a wish for peace

putting in our token for the candle

lighting the candle

paper poppies and the box containing sand from Changi Beach

The Bark Cafe

chili padi was grown during the war to spice up bland food

not a starving war child

Chapel Cheesy Burger

Beef Kway Teow