Daily Archives: August 26, 2011

Yellow, Yellow, Little Fellow


We went to see Dr. Tan at Mt. Alvernia yesterday to check on Adam’s bilirubin levels. Unfortunately, the levels are still quite high so we are renting a Bilibed from The Baby Specialist for the weekend and hopefully he will be fine by Monday! Although the blue light makes it look like we are performing some science experiment on Adam, I think the Bilibed is probably quite comfortable and it’s definitely better than having to hospitalise him. I just keep worrying, in my usual paranoid way, that he’s too warm (because of the fleecy blanket) or that he’s too cold (now that we’ve turned on the air-con because recommended room temperature is 20-25 degrees). The phototherapy also dehydrates him and he’s waking up more often to drink so I’m feeling slightly zombiefied today. But his colour is looking better already so that’s a good sign! :)