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The Orange Thimble at Tiong Bahru

Selena and I met up for lunch at The Orange Thimble at Eng Hoon St this afternoon. The Orange Thimble is such a pretty little cafe and I love the way it is done up with retro little touches here and there. The service was impressive as well. They offered to come over to the table to take my order even though it’s an order-at-the-counter place simply because I was carrying Adam. It’s really the little things like that which make me want to go back to a place again and again.

I had a good time catching up with Selena and time just flew by. It was great hanging out with Ellery as well. He’s such an appropriately named happy little fellow! :)

The Orange Thimble

I love chalkboard menus

The desserts are hiding here!

Good ol' sugar biscuits

Ice mocha

The BBC (bacon, brie, cranberry)

The breakfast burger

Hazelnut dacquoise (loved this!)

Selena & Ellery

Happy kiddo!

Adam & I

Trying to look chubby

Something honestly good!

Anya’s Adventures

I was afraid that Anya would be stuck at home with me and bored to bits during my confinement. She wasn’t. Anya was busy running around with the rest of the family during that one month. Here’s a summary of what she got up to.

Mid-Autumn Festival at Chinese Garden

Mid-Autumn Festival by the Singapore River

Meet the Disney Stars at City Square Mall

Mid-Autumn Festival at West Coast (with S. Iswaran)

Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival at MBS

The End of Thye Moh Chan Cake House

Mid-Autumn Festival at Clementi CC (with Arthur Fong)

Giraffe Feeding at the Zoo

Isaac’s Baptism

We attended Isaac’s baptism yesterday and Adam got to meet his friend for the very first time! Seriously though, I really hope they grow up to be as good friends as their fathers are! I’m quite envious of the amount of hair Isaac has. Adam looks bald by comparison!

Isaac with parents & godparents

Isaac & mummy

Adam & Auntie G

Handsome like Daddy!

Adam & Isaac


Group photo

Jimmy Monkey at One-North

So happy to be having brunch again after my confinement! We went to Jimmy Monkey at One-North on Saturday for our very first brunch as a family of four. It’s run by a┬áMelbournian and the coffee is damn good. We enjoyed the food very much too. There’s plenty of parking available and it’s a nice change from Dempsey and the town area. The service was very good. They brought Anya crayons and colouring material soon after we were seated and the food came super quickly after we ordered. The only thing that some people (read: my sister) may not like is that it’s an order-at-the-counter type of place. But I’m definitely planning another trip soon to get more of that coffee!

Jimmy Monkey


Anya & Adam

Full cooked breakfast with eggs, toast and 3 sides

Mr. Benedict

Anya's Toady in the Hole with Grilled Snag


Typo at Wisma Atria

I absolutely love Typo at Wisma Atria! It’s by the Cotton On group and is my favourite type of shop, selling all kinds of quirky little things that you don’t really need but want to have anyway! Adrian calls a shop like this a SOUT (shop of useless things). Hmmph. Whenever I go to Typo, I feel like buying a million things! Strangely though, I haven’t bought a single thing from the shop because I’m afraid that once I start, I won’t be able to stop. They have plenty of matryoshka things and I really want to buy them all!

Adam in Black & White

We bought the Sony NEX C3 a couple of days before I was due to deliver. I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the photos that I was getting from my Canon Ixus and the DSLR was just too big and bulky for me to carry around! Anyway, the Sony NEX C3 has a high contrast B&W mode which gives photos an artistic feel without having to bother with Photoshop so I played around with it a little and got these photos which I kinda like!

Bite Me – Wooden Teethers from Etsy

It’s way too early for Adam to start teething but that’s certainly not stopping me from looking at cute teething toys online. Check out these adorable wooden teethers from Little Alouette on Etsy! The teethers are┬ámade of locally sourced hardwoods and, if not left unfinished, are finished only with certified organic flax seed oil.

matryoshka teether

moustache teether

skull teether