Daily Archives: September 3, 2011

Big Sister Anya, Little Brother Adam

Anya & Adam

It’s been about 2 weeks since Anya became a big sister! She’s really interested in her little brother and wants to look at him, pat his head, stroke his arms, touch his toes, etc. And when she goes out with my mum and aunt, she’s always exclaiming, “I forget to bring didi!” so I guess it means she’s thinking about him even when he’s out of sight.

However, she’s definitely feeling some jealousy. While she seems to know and accept that I need to spend a lot of time feeding, changing and carrying Adam, she’s not too happy when someone else (like my mum or Adrian) carries Adam or changes his diaper and would protest accordingly. In fact, she got quite upset the first time she saw my mum trying to feed Adam a bottle of milk when I was out for a medical appointment. My mum had to get my aunt (who lives next door) to come over and distract Anya before she could get down to feeding Adam. She was also acting up and throwing terrible tantrums (Anya, not my mum!). In the first week, there was quite a bit more screaming and crying than usual.

Things are getting better now and Anya really does seem to like her didi. We try to spend as much time alone with her as we can and try to involve her in taking care of her didi as well. But I still make it a point to discipline her because I don’t want to spoil her or let her think that she can suddenly get away with certain bad behaviour. It was very helpful for me to read what Pfloo wrote because none of my close friends or cousins have this ‘big sister little brother’ combo among their kids.

I think that things are going to keep getting better and when her didi is older and more interactive, they will have lots of fun together. After all, our main reason for having another kid is so that Anya can have a sibling!