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Confinement Confessions


I’m spending my confinement period at my mum’s so that it’s more convenient for her to do her usual chores and take care of Anya while cooking for me. My mum is really not strict at all when it comes to confinement practices. She just wants me to eat proper food and rest. I’m pretty good with the eating because I actually like confinement food like longan red date tea, pig kidney and liver in sesame oil, pig trotters in vinegar (as seen in picture), pig stomach soup, etc. I’m not so crazy about all the ginger but it’s tolerable. I refrain from eating anything my mum thinks is not good for me (very few things, really) and also avoid food that may make my wound itch (shellfish, peanuts) or affect my breastfeeding (caffeine, alcohol, very spicy stuff).

Just some of my thoughts about traditional confinement practices:

[Disclaimer: I have nothing but respect for those who believe in these confinement practices and who have the determination to abide by all the practices for 30 days (or longer) but they are just not for me, yah?]

1. Not bathing or washing your hair – I think this is completely impossible in Singapore’s tropical weather and really not very hygienic especially if you’re breastfeeding your baby. For both my pregnancies, I showered as soon as I was allowed out of bed after the C-section.

2. Keeping yourself warm and not using the air-con or the fan – For me, this is similar to the bathing and washing hair rule. It’s not hygienic to breastfeed if you’re all sweaty and gross! And it’s HOT in Singapore! But I try not to let Adam sleep with the air-con on because it’s quite drying and he will wake up more often to drink so it’s the fan for both of us for now except on very warm nights.

3. Not leaving the house – Quite impossible these days when you have to go and see the paediatrician and the obgyn during the first couple of weeks. But I’m trying to stay put at my mum’s as much as possible because I really do need the rest to recover from my C-section. I also don’t think the baby should go out either because his immune system is still developing. But I have been going to the mall downstairs now and then because I will collapse from boredom otherwise!

4. Not drinking water because it causes water retention – If you want to avoid water retention in the first place, shouldn’t you be drinking lots of water?

5. Not reading or crying because your eyesight will be permanently affected – How did I survive my last confinement without my iPhone and iPad?? If I don’t read (either print or screen), I’ll be bored to tears! And I’m not allowed to cry right? What a dilemma!

Ok, I’ve gone on for quite a bit, haven’t I? I’m just very bored and missing my computer at home. Haven’t been able to upload and edit all the hundreds of photos in the camera. :( Also craving for some really spicy food and a good strong drink!

2 more weeks to go!