Daily Archives: September 9, 2011

Reflections for Anya’s Thirtieth Month


You are 2½ years old!

This month, you watched Mickey’s Music Festival and enjoyed it thoroughly. You visited the Changi Chapel & Museum and played at Amazonia again. You admired Mid-Autumn lanterns at Chinese Garden and by the Singapore River. You also visited me and the latest addition to our family in hospital!

This month was extremely eventful for you and for all of us in the family because we welcomed your little brother! I know it’s a big change for you to go from being the only child and grandchild to being an older sister. It hasn’t been easy for you to have to share every one, especially your daddy and I, with your little brother but I think you’re doing a great job so far.

I got a bit teary a few days before your brother’s arrival just thinking about how everything’s going to change and about all the fun we had as a family of 3. You may not believe it now, looking at your little brother who seems to only know how to eat and sleep, but we will have so much fun as a family of 4!

You have never really been interested in kids younger than you and generally prefer the company of older kids and adults. When we asked you much earlier on if you wanted a didi or a meimei, you always said that you wanted a jiejie! So I’m glad that you have taken well to your brother and I hope that you will grow to love him more than you love Mickey Mouse!

We have two kids now but you will always be our firstborn and our only daughter. Always know that we love you more with each passing day. I pray that you and your brother will grow up happily together and will be great friends that love and take good care of each other.