Daily Archives: September 10, 2011

Post-natal Massage

I’ve had two sessions of post-natal massage and it’s been good so far. Adam has been quite cooperative, waking up at 7am (the massage is at 7.45am) to feed and then sleeping while I’m being massaged. The lady who is doing my post-natal massage is Maya and I think she’s great. She’s punctual (something that’s very important to me) and friendly without being overly chatty. Ok fine, I like her because she says that I don’t look like I just gave birth and that I don’t have much of a tummy. Heh.

Anyway, she is skillful and maybe it’s just my imagination but I do feel less flabby and gross after each massage. The tummy wrap also stays tight and secure even after many hours. She’s putting more effort into massaging my thigh area since there’s a lot of fat there and she says I’ll be able to see the difference after three or four sessions.

Here’s how I look after being wrapped. Wish I could look like that all the time but I’d have to wear a corset or something!


all wrapped up