Daily Archives: September 19, 2011

Reflections for Adam’s First Month

You are one month old!

You are one month old today, my dear little boy! We have been cooped up at Grandma’s house this entire month and have been spending almost all our time together. You have been keeping me up at night but since I’m not having any more babies after you, I’ll let you get away with it!

What do I know about you so far? Firstly, you hate baths. The way you scream and yell during your bath reminds me of Kinky, the cat you have never met. Secondly, you hate car rides and can scream the entire distance. Thirdly, you are full of gas, just like your Daddy, and you make the most horrible straining noises when you’re uncomfortable. When we can monitor you, we try to let you sleep on your tummy because you seem most comfortable in that position.

One thing you are pretty good at is drinking so I have a lot less trouble feeding you than I did with your sister. Speaking of your sister, do you know that she adores you? She’s always trying to sniff you and nuzzle your head with hers and always wants to carry you. I’m glad she loves you so much but she can be pretty rough so you’d better toughen up! You have put on quite a bit of weight this month and have grown in length as well. You are now 4.2kg and 54cm. I glad you’re working so hard to catch up with the other babies your age and helping me to lose weight as well.

I can’t wait till you are more active and mobile and can play with your sister! But please don’t grow up too quickly; I want to enjoy your baby-ness while I can!

We love you very much!