Angry Birds Cupcakes & Adam’s Day Out


Adam and I dropped by my school on Monday to deliver some cupcakes to my colleagues. My colleagues love Angry Birds so I decided to get them some Angry Birds cupcakes for Adam’s first month. I ordered them from Trish of Cupcake Momma because I have some Muslim colleagues and I wanted the cupcakes to be halal. The cupcakes were so cute! My colleagues were happily taking photos of and with the cupcakes. The red birds were the first to go; the evil green pigs were less popular. I didn’t get to eat one but I heard they were pretty yummy!

After visiting my colleagues, we took a cab down to town but silly me left my mobile in school so had to detour to retrieve it. Sigh. We had lunch at Cedele at Ngee Ann City and I managed to feed myself and Adam at the same time. Then we went to collect the tickets for the various performances that I’m watching before we checked out H&M! It was crazy crowded and not stroller-friendly so I only managed to grab some Hello Kitty stuff for Anya. By that time, Adrian had joined us so we went to Ion for a bite. And that was Adam’s first official day out after confinement!


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