Jimmy Monkey at One-North

So happy to be having brunch again after my confinement! We went to Jimmy Monkey at One-North on Saturday for our very first brunch as a family of four. It’s run by a Melbournian and the coffee is damn good. We enjoyed the food very much too. There’s plenty of parking available and it’s a nice change from Dempsey and the town area. The service was very good. They brought Anya crayons and colouring material soon after we were seated and the food came super quickly after we ordered. The only thing that some people (read: my sister) may not like is that it’s an order-at-the-counter type of place. But I’m definitely planning another trip soon to get more of that coffee!

Jimmy Monkey


Anya & Adam

Full cooked breakfast with eggs, toast and 3 sides

Mr. Benedict

Anya's Toady in the Hole with Grilled Snag


5 thoughts on “Jimmy Monkey at One-North

  1. Mavis

    Hey Delphine, I thought I remembered your blog when I saw you register yesterday for the cooking class for rolleyes.com.sg! It was nice to have met you in person, even if didn’t connect the dots till now ! – Mavis.

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