The Orange Thimble at Tiong Bahru

Selena and I met up for lunch at The Orange Thimble at Eng Hoon St this afternoon. The Orange Thimble is such a pretty little cafe and I love the way it is done up with retro little touches here and there. The service was impressive as well. They offered to come over to the table to take my order even though it’s an order-at-the-counter place simply because I was carrying Adam. It’s really the little things like that which make me want to go back to a place again and again.

I had a good time catching up with Selena and time just flew by. It was great hanging out with Ellery as well. He’s such an appropriately named happy little fellow! :)

The Orange Thimble

I love chalkboard menus

The desserts are hiding here!

Good ol' sugar biscuits

Ice mocha

The BBC (bacon, brie, cranberry)

The breakfast burger

Hazelnut dacquoise (loved this!)

Selena & Ellery

Happy kiddo!

Adam & I

Trying to look chubby

Something honestly good!

2 thoughts on “The Orange Thimble at Tiong Bahru

  1. imp

    Thanks for the snapshots of the cafe. I’ve been wanting to pop down, but haven’t done so. Now I have a visual reference to it. What a cheerful outing you had!


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