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Adam’s 满月 with the Gang

Instead of having one huge 满月 celebration like we did with Anya, we decided to spread out and have little gatherings with our friends and family. My friends came over on Saturday and my mum prepared some food which we supplemented with some satay and dim sum from the market. The kids had a really fun time playing with Anya’s train set from Ikea (her ‘congrats on becoming a big sister’ present from us) and her other toys. Meeting my gang again next week for Reuel & Alex’s 3rd birthday party. Can’t wait! :)

celebrating Adam's first month

lots of yummy food!

matching tees

my dear friends

Angry Birds Cupcakes & Adam’s Day Out


Adam and I dropped by my school on Monday to deliver some cupcakes to my colleagues. My colleagues love Angry Birds so I decided to get them some Angry Birds cupcakes for Adam’s first month. I ordered them from Trish of Cupcake Momma because I have some Muslim colleagues and I wanted the cupcakes to be halal. The cupcakes were so cute! My colleagues were happily taking photos of and with the cupcakes. The red birds were the first to go; the evil green pigs were less popular. I didn’t get to eat one but I heard they were pretty yummy!

After visiting my colleagues, we took a cab down to town but silly me left my mobile in school so had to detour to retrieve it. Sigh. We had lunch at Cedele at Ngee Ann City and I managed to feed myself and Adam at the same time. Then we went to collect the tickets for the various performances that I’m watching before we checked out H&M! It was crazy crowded and not stroller-friendly so I only managed to grab some Hello Kitty stuff for Anya. By that time, Adrian had joined us so we went to Ion for a bite. And that was Adam’s first official day out after confinement!

Reflections for Adam’s First Month

You are one month old!

You are one month old today, my dear little boy! We have been cooped up at Grandma’s house this entire month and have been spending almost all our time together. You have been keeping me up at night but since I’m not having any more babies after you, I’ll let you get away with it!

What do I know about you so far? Firstly, you hate baths. The way you scream and yell during your bath reminds me of Kinky, the cat you have never met. Secondly, you hate car rides and can scream the entire distance. Thirdly, you are full of gas, just like your Daddy, and you make the most horrible straining noises when you’re uncomfortable. When we can monitor you, we try to let you sleep on your tummy because you seem most comfortable in that position.

One thing you are pretty good at is drinking so I have a lot less trouble feeding you than I did with your sister. Speaking of your sister, do you know that she adores you? She’s always trying to sniff you and nuzzle your head with hers and always wants to carry you. I’m glad she loves you so much but she can be pretty rough so you’d better toughen up! You have put on quite a bit of weight this month and have grown in length as well. You are now 4.2kg and 54cm. I glad you’re working so hard to catch up with the other babies your age and helping me to lose weight as well.

I can’t wait till you are more active and mobile and can play with your sister! But please don’t grow up too quickly; I want to enjoy your baby-ness while I can!

We love you very much!

Playground in a Food Court


The food court in Clementi Mall is rather interesting. Not only does it have a nursing & diaper changing room, it also has a playground! This play area is located right outside the nursing room and there are seats around it so parents can sit and eat while the kids play. Previously, there were swings installed in the play area but I think they realised that it’s not a good idea for such a narrow area so now there are two springy rides and a springy seesaw. There’s also a TV in the corner but it seems to show Tangled (the Disney Rapunzel cartoon) over and over again and the volume is quite low. I think it’s a pretty good idea to have a playground in a food court especially when the adults want to eat but the kids are restless and not hungry.

Print to Screen



I love reading but I’m terrible at book reviews. I just feel like putting down some random thoughts about some books I’ve been reading (and also film adaptations of books). I’m going to ramble on and there may be some spoilers here and there so proceed with care if you intend to read any of these books.

Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell
Very interesting structure which has been likened to that of a matryoshka doll. One of the few books I would like to read again if I have time to spare. Going to be made into a movie starring Tom Hanks, Hugo Weaving, Hugh Grant, Halle Berry and Susan Sarandon among others. Really looking forward to it and I hope they capture the essence of how the stories fit.

Snow Flower & the Secret Fan – Lisa See
Engaging read which includes foot binding, sworn sisterhood and the role and treatment of women in 19th century China. Made into a movie directed by Wayne Wang. Went to check it up on IMDb and was puzzled to see that Hugh Jackman’s part of the cast. Seems that they added a parallel storyline set in modern day China and Hugh Jackman is the boyfriend of one of the characters. Strange that they would cast Gianna Jun as one of the main female characters. Not what I imagined the character to look like. Still want to rent it on DVD because I adore Hugh Jackman!

Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro
Want to know what it’s like when a good book is made into an equally good movie? Read this book, then watch the movie starring Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightley.

Warm Bodies – Isaac Marion
Totally understand the joy of eating brains but this tale of a zombie finding his humanity left me cold. Would not consider it the zombie equivalent of Twilight. Also being made into a movie possibly starring John Malkovich as evil senior zombie.

The Sense of an Ending – Julian Barnes
Not being made into a movie (yet) but this is such a good book. Was torn between wanting to inhale it as quickly as I could and wanting the book to go on forever. Another one of those books that should be read more than once. Shortlisted for Man Booker Prize 2011. Hope it wins.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson
Think the original title ‘Men Who Hate Women’ makes more sense. The plot’s quite predictable. There’s a Swedish movie and there’s an American remake of the movie in the works. Why? Can’t they read subtitles?

The Girl who Played with Fire – Stieg Larsson
First half dragged on forever. Ending predictable. Waiting for Adrian to finish the third and final book so I can read it and decide how I feel about the trilogy in its entirety. May then watch the Swedish version of the movies.